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Fiberglass Wallpaper

  • Fiberglass wallpaper
  • Fiberglass wallpaper
  • Fiberglass wallpaper
  • Fiberglass wallpaper
Fiberglass wallpaperFiberglass wallpaperFiberglass wallpaperFiberglass wallpaper

Fiberglass wallpaper

Natual and non toxic , safe and environmental protection

fiberglass wallcovering is made from natural materials which has no harm to human body during the whole process from the cloth materials until the gel and coating. Under the normal situation no emission of the toxic substance, even under the high temperature or fire, it is a genuine kind of green environmental building materials.

Fire proof and retardent

Fiberglass wallcovering is woven by natural non combustion glass fibre, thus having the good fire retardant performance , after the approval from the national fireproof construction building materials quality supervision and inspection center, “three position into one” fire proof performance has reached to B1 grade(GB8624) product, can meet the strict requirement of the construction project regarding fire hydrant and fire proof

Free breathing wall paper, unique air penetration performance.

The most headache from most decoration companies are the moldy wall body and color changing. The space between the weaving of our wall paper is with good air penetration performance , the relative gel and coating is with the easy water evaporation performance , thus even if it is used under moisture environment, the moisture is easy to be distribute to ensure the body no moldy, no color changing.

Unique strength, puncture proof, crack proof, biting proof.

fiberglass wall covering is with high puncture resistance , the flexibility can protect the wall body and surface from crack. Any insect and bacteria will do no harm to fiberglass wall paper it is naturally with in

Waterproof performance, after 1000times washing the surface keeps still nice.

“fiberglass wall covering is with the separate layer for water penetration ,thus fiberglass wall covering is with washing free, easy to clean performance. Color no change after washing. Fiberglass wall paper can be washed 1000 times or more, the unique performance for water proof is amazing.

Corrosion resistance, never sticky, separate from acid and alkaline.

The acid and alkaline resistance is always during the loom state cloth , gel, coating process, so wall paper is with the good acid and alkaline resistance performance. It can be washed no matter by acid or alkaline detergent.

Decent outlook, the outlook can be changed according to personal favor many times.

fiberglass wall covering is with various pattern and infinite color changing, it is enough to embody any creativity, making the august and romantic atmosphere. Further more, after decoration, the outlook color can be changed freely according to personal favor (it can be many times coated by many colors and many coatings of different grades). Also your dream for changing the environment as free as you like will be realized.

Contrasted item
Fiberglass Wallcovering
Ordinary wallpaper
Latex paint
Main composition Item
Natural material without PVC formaldehyde,benzenes etc
Paper , PVC
Acrolein emulsion
Easy to brush glue,paste and apply coating,also for joint of the pattern design
High requirement for wall based , complicated decoration pattern joint,high waste of materials
High requirement for wall based , such as neat, dry, no greasy dirt, no crack
Ornamental Effect
Bright and clean smooth, rich texture, rich third dimension, decoration pattern and color, can be combined freely , the color can be changed easily
Single texture, monotonous integral effect, easy to generate crack,come off , fade, mildew
Single texture , monotonous color, easy to generate crack
Flame resitance
A-grade Flame resitance, non-flammable products
Multi-times paiting and brushing and renovation and partial repairing can be carried out
Cannot be renovated
Renovation and partial repainting can be carried out, but effect is not good
Not be fade,mildew,toxic,do not have strange smell and released harmful materials, prevent insect biting, high stability
Easy to fade , mildew, come off,
Not be dampproof , monotonous performance, not washable and easy to be mildew
Air permeable
Good. Wall can breathe freely
Relative poor, easy to fade, mildew
Relative poor. Easy to be mildew Poor
Relative Poor
Shock Resistance
High intensity, shock resistance, can protect wall, anti-crack
Relative poor
Relative poor
Acoustic Absorption
Relative poor
3-5 years
Service Life
15 year or above
5 year or above
High work efficiency, low cost
Economical Efficiency
Easy to operate, low wasting, excellent performance, long service life, low cost
High wasting , short service life not washable and easy to come out and be mildew
Complicated to construct again.

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